Beautiful Design To Fall In Love With Autumn Quilt

Quilting is always special. It becomes more special when you change your quilting theme season wise. Here are some ideas of the autumn quilt for you. Hope you will enjoy it.


Warm tanned browns, along with dull blue and reddish color develop a warm and comfortable quilt with which you will appreciate snuggling. This beauty of the size of a lap is normally perfect for cold nights.

Quilted Harvest

It will also be lovely in other color designs. Play with the color until you discover the ideal combination for you. A multitude of fabrics gives it an attractive ungainly appearance.

Your bedspread is wonderfully simple to make, too. In fact, you may find yourself doing several.

It will not be difficult to create the size of the bed with the addition of more blocks. Care should be taken to carefully keep the red blocks on the outer edges to make an edge.


Maple leaf cup mats are ideal for fall or to make sure they are in shade for use throughout the year. The developer chose intricately patterned prints in autumnal shades that will not show smudges conveniently. It is possible that you currently have something in your hiding place that works just as well.THE LEAF CUP

These are small enough to provide them with coasters and you will be lovely scattered on a desktop-looking. You can increase or decrease the size if you want while printing the pattern.

He leaves, it’s easy to do and can go fast. Also, there is no obligation to deal with that. The biggest challenge, after choosing the fabrics, could be to change them and discover the factors. It is not difficult, but it takes time to achieve a good finish.

The design originally appeared in Quilting Panel.



Vibrant leaves and birds take the intermediate stage in this beautiful desk corridor. A little extravagance adorns the appearance with the inclusion of beautiful birds in their scarves and hats.

Select a beautiful mix of remnants of your own stash and delight by putting this charming corridor collectively. The fusible wall lamp helps you to be a simple project.

The finished runner is 12 1/2 “x 53”.

A matching wall cover can be available. The turnstiles increase the amount of a block and increase its capricious nature. It will be charming in a wall or door structure or give it as an opening gift of the fall house. It can be obtained as a design and as a kit (while supplies last).



Traditional Bear Paw blocks in rustic colors are beautifully combined in this wonderful quilt. A huge block in the guts is surrounded by smaller blocks for an excellent turn in a traditional quilt design.

The coordinated strips and edges unify the bedspread and offer interest. Whether you move with muted colors as shown here or select your own mix of colors, you will surely like the results.BEAR PAWS QUILT

The finished quilt, created by Julie Weaver, is definitely 52 “x 52”. Use it as a quilt, hang on a wall structure or cover on a desk. However, it will be a beautiful accent, you choose to enjoy it.


A series of pictures in vintage tones shine against a dark background. This impressive quilt can keep you warm as the temperature drops, and you’ll be especially cozy if you choose flannels.COZY MATURE OF PUMPKIN AND SPICES

Large blocks are manufactured from nine patches. The splice of the strip makes them move quickly. Although it seems that there are many stitches, you will have recovered this faster than you think.

Imagine for a minute how beautiful this quilt will keep other colors. A rich and deep armada can replace black. Or look at a dark brown or brown.

You can also take it on another path altogether and go with Christmas quilts or spring cakes.


Easy Tips To Start Halloween Quilts For Your Family

A lovely cat block is indeed sweet in this lovely hanging wall structure. It is ideal for your Halloween decoration and can delight all who see it.

Here are five Halloween quilt ideas for you

Use A Block Or Even More For A Halloween Cat Neck

halloween cat

This small quilt is beautiful for you or gives it to a friend who loves cats. A center could replace the pumpkin with a hanging wall structure to enjoy throughout the year (advance to see the bedspread of hearts).

The cat block originates from the pattern of a more substantial quilt. You will need it to create this little tapestry.halloween cat quilt

The full-size quilt is sweet and will be produced with pumpkins or hearts. Finish at 61 “x 72” and it will be a wonderful gift for any cat lover.

We like the gingham in the central version, but any fabric design will be wonderful.

The hanging structure of the Halloween cat wall measures 20 “square and can also be a great pillowcase.

Festive Autumn Mug Rugs

These wonderful pumpkin mats are big enough to be used for pot holders and will brighten up your kitchen all fall for a long time. Make the lantern jack-o-lantern for October or proceed with the leaf-style pumpkin for the entire harvest season.spooky mug rug

You can have fabric in your hiding place to create one or more carpets. They are quick tasks, even for unsuspecting beginners, so you can have them finished quickly.

The mats are changed, therefore, there is no binding to decelerate the construction. Just make sure to include a level or two of shiny batting in case you intend to use them for potholders or scorching pads.

Charming Pumpkin

Charming PumpkinThis charming boy is an excellent addition to your Halloween decoration. You will like to take it out every year to reign during the growing season.

Whimsical details increase his attractive character. Curling tendrils, cute socks, and a magic wand are ideal for a well-dressed Pumpkin Sprite.

The wool appliqué and a little embroidery give life to your patched and padded body. Padded cotton is also wonderful for those details.

It measures about 16 “from the best of its stem to its chair, and measures approximately 11” wide.

Welcome Trick

Welcome TrickTreat the Halloween people to this delicious quilt by hanging it near, or at the front door. Surely they will delight in your sweet ghost and you will like to have your Halloween decoration.

You can even show this on a desk or wall in another part of your house. In fact, it could probably fit in a place where to display seasonal comforters.

A Specific Corridor For Your Table

Delight your fall guests with a spooky runner at your own table. This fun little quilt can be the perfect Halloween accent.

Install it on Halloween prints, or simply choose the leftovers of the correct colors from your own hiding place. The faces of Jack-o-lantern and the pretty spiders are made with quick fuse fittings.

This is a bright and easy to do corridor. You can have it finished and at your own table in just a few hours. In addition, you will have this incredible piece of accent to exhibit every year.